Amplifying Value In The
Marketer-Agency Ecosystem


Hasan + Shumaker was born from the belief that in the marketer/agency ecosystem, it is essential to have transparency and a mutual appreciation of and respect for one another’s requirements in order to have a sustainable partnership that generates value.

Hasan Ramusevic has led marketers through the agency review and selection process since 1989, making him the longest-tenured active consultant in the field.

With that experience comes an acute understanding of marketer-side needs and a nuanced approach to guiding agencies toward solutions. Both have contributed to the formation of hundreds of successful client-agency partnerships, with many lasting over 10 years.


Over the same timespan, Chris Shumaker has overseen successful client-agency partnerships while leading growth and business development at some of the world’s most recognized agencies. With that comes a keen sense for custom-tailoring agency teams and disciplines to solve client-side challenges, coupled with a deep appreciation for what agencies need from clients in order for both parties to be successful.

Hasan + Shumaker brings together marketer and agency perspectives in the pursuit of a balanced approach to solutions to restore, create, and sustain harmony in the marketer/agency ecosystem.


Partner Bios

Hasan Ramusevic

Chief Executive Officer

Hasan has been in the agency review business since 1989, making him the longest-tenured active thought-leader in our corner of the business. He is the founder of our predecessor company, Hasan + Co., and has led hundreds of marketers through successful agency transitions and course corrections helping to amplify value in the marketer/agency ecosystem.

Chris Shumaker


Prior to forming Hasan + Shumaker, Chris was one of the longest-standing and arguably one of the most admired growth executives in the agency community. His last agency position was CMO, Managing Director at The Martin Agency. During his career, Chris has served as both a client at Hamilton Beach and as an executive marketing leader for three global agency networks—FCB, Publicis, and Grey.


Client-Agency Relationship Optimization

Helping existing client-agency relationships restore harmony for better success

Multi-Agency Relationship Optimization

Helping clients with multiple agency partners operate together more effectively

Needs Assessment

Assessing the needs and recommending solutions for clients and/or agencies in their pursuit of growth

Partner Discovery and Selection

Helping each client search for and find the best, most productive agency fit, and helping each agency find the best, most fruitful client fit


Transitioning new relationships for long-term success

Holistic Resource Review

Analyzing the cost/value equation of services needed vs. services rendered

Compensation Assessment

Structuring compensation arrangements that deliver value for both parties

Getting the best out of your own team

Identify and eliminate obstacles inhibiting your team from being its best

Being a better agency partner

Become an indispensable partner to your clients

Making magnetic impressions

Whether you are a client reaching out to potential agency partners for the first time, or an agency reaching out to prospective clients for the first time, first impressions matter. Understand what can make a difference and what doesn’t.


Including work performed prior to our name change, we’ve helped hundreds of clients of all sizes across a multitude of industries. Here are some of them:


It’s Not Agency Search. It’s Agency Fitting.

While we do run a tight, professional, and respectful process, our point of differentiation isn’t about the steps in our process. Instead, it can be found in our ability to quickly assess your marketing organization and diagnose the causes of your agency pain points, and then to build a process that enables the most qualified agencies to customize their best teams and their best solutions to your organization’s nuanced needs.

Our process will lead you through an immersive experience with each agency finalist in which you will test and discover each agency’s creativity, thought leadership, and overall fit. To do this, we provide clarity and constructive feedback to the agencies at every point in the process, lighting a path for them to better tailor their solutions. We foster a collaborative and transparent environment where trust is earned and the stage is set for a future partnership.


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