Amplifying Value In The
Marketer-Agency Ecosystem


Hasan + Shumaker was born from the belief that in the marketer/agency ecosystem, it is essential to have transparency and a mutual appreciation of and respect for one another’s requirements in order to have a sustainable partnership that generates value.

Hasan Ramusevic has led marketers through the agency review and selection process since 1989, making him the longest-tenured active consultant in the field.

With that experience comes an acute understanding of marketer-side needs and a nuanced approach to guiding agencies toward solutions. Both have contributed to the formation of hundreds of successful client-agency partnerships, with many lasting over 10 years.


Over the same timespan, Chris Shumaker has overseen successful client-agency partnerships while leading growth and business development at some of the world’s most recognized agencies. With that comes a keen sense for custom-tailoring agency teams and disciplines to solve client-side challenges, coupled with a deep appreciation for what agencies need from clients in order for both parties to be successful.

Hasan + Shumaker brings together marketer and agency perspectives in the pursuit of a balanced approach to solutions to restore, create, and sustain harmony in the marketer/agency ecosystem.